Infinite Marjorie Taylor Greene does her bonkers crossfit pullups forever

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-QAnon) has made a name for herself as a far-right conspiracy theorist, ranging from classic antisemitic nonsense to the latest innovations in internet-mediated crankery. The other day she released a bizarre anti-vaccination video in which she suggests that workouts provide superior protection against transmissible diseases. Particularly striking were her extraordinary crossfit-style pullups, each one sending her whirling inches from serious injury like a stretchy gymnast in a Hanna Barbera cartoon.

So that we may all be inspired by Taylor Greene's effortless athleticism, I've looped that section forever (i.e. for 12 minutes) and embedded it above. For a more strenuous workout, set the playback speed to 2x. Good night, and good luck!

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