The Lion King: Did Scar eat his brother?

A theory sprouted up on Tik Tok about the the Disney movie The Lion King. It posits that after the evil Scar orchestrated his brother Mufasa's untimely death, he devoured the corpse–which is chilling to say the least. This video explores that and then blows several holes through it, using 3 major zoological points to contradict the assertions the Tik'ers and Tok'ers make.

Here are those points, in the event the video is too long for you: 1. Hyenas will easily eat a lion's corpse. So it stands to reason that the lion king's body was a prize left to the henchmen hyenas and not eaten by Scar. 2. Lions eating other lions is extremely rare and only done in desperation. Though a lion killing a lion, especially a cub, is more common, eating them after is not generally done. 3. The skull Scar holds up and talks to is not even a lion's skull. Upon closer inspection the skull has all of the characteristics of a baboon instead. Debunked? Sure.

While it is interesting to muse about the morbidity of Disney brother eating Disney brother and it's just as fun to use science to quash those theories offered by children on Tik Tok, none of that really matters unless you speak to the writers/creators/director of the film to ever really know what the intent of the writing was. Sure, because the Lion King follows a lot of the science of animal behavior in it's story, we have to remember that it's fiction, before digging in and using science to win here. Hyenas don't generally let some lion boss them around the savanna, do they? Wart hogs and meerkats palling around is highly unlikely. And, if a baboon tried to hold a lion cub up to the sun in front of its mother that would be the last thing that baboon ever did. Look, if the writer says Scar ate Mufasa, then Scar at Mufasa. If the writer did not, then a dozen other things could have happened to the body. Maybe it's in Joe Pesci's trunk. Who knows?

I know it's enjoyable to stick it to the Tik Tok'ers flimsy theories, and these kinds of debates are good fun but when you leave out the part that this is a MADE UP story and the science is only applied to certain parts anyway, then it's a hollow victory. Get the writer/director/studio to go on record for the real answer.