Men, stop looking like trolls. Use these grooming tools to clean up and save up to 78% off

Most guys will tell you that looking good is hard work. And it's not always successful work either. While women are often brought up with a sharp eye on grooming and looking their best, most guys did not pick up that lesson at a young age. That usually means they need a little more help in making sure they don't end up looking like Tom Hanks in CastAway

Never you fear. To help, here are nearly two dozen deals on assorted grooming tools, trimmers, and tactics to have a guy's appearance at the top of its game, all at savings of up to 78 percent off.

Geologie Skincare – $20

geologie skincare

Following a skincare regimen sounds complicated. Geologie is not. This game-changing brand is proof that all you need are a couple of quality products tailored to your specific skin type. Just take their 30-second diagnostic quiz and they'll formulate a regimen that provides the benefits your skin needs the most. Start with your personalized trial set as low as $20.

Tactical Soap Trifecta 3-Pack (Durden, Bond and Maverick) – $25.99; originally $29

Does every guy's soap have to smell like coconut? Tactical says no — and they're backing that up with this three-pack of soaps all infused with proprietary bio-identical pheromone formulas specifically for attracting the opposite sex. Durden exudes masculinity and charisma, Bond emits success and fun, while Maverick attracts thrills and adventure.

Men's 5-in-1 Electric Shaver and Grooming Kit – $34.99; originally $49

This trimmer is a multi-functional attack plan for all your grooming strategies. With 5 detachable heads, including a 5D floating head, this shaver fits facial contours, avoids dead ends, and can reach all those difficult places easily. It's also ergonomically designed to fit into your hand like it was born to shave you.

The Barb 'Xpert by Franck Provost for Men's Grooming – $14.99; originally $29

Beard grooming requires a whole separate kittle of self-maintenance. That's why this beard-grooming shampoo from France is specially formulated with a non-greasy feel to cleanse and revitalize all beard types.  It can tame even the scraggliest of scraggly beards.

LVL Shave Co. Ultimate Neckline Grooming Set – $36.99; originally $49

Here's an easy way to clean up that neckline without having to head back to the barber every two weeks. This ultra-lightweight neck groomer features three interconnected razor strips and two plastic handles to smoothly shave the back of your neck for a quick, freshening up. It even snaps apart easily to slip into your travel bag so you can take it everywhere.

All-in-One Hair Clipper – $47.99; originally $60

Shave your beard, sideburns, and even wild nose or ear hairs completely wirelessly. This advanced cutting system smooths out unwanted facial hair like the well-engineered hair clipper, nose hair trimmer, sideburns trimmer, and beard shaver that it is. And if you're so bold, it's tailor-made to manicure your own facial hairstyles.

Blind Barber Haircare Bundle – $34.99; originally $40

This is a three-fer for your hair, a body wash-shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo set that cleans and refreshes your mane while keeping the whole thing looking sharp and healthy. The Lemongrass shampoo and conditioner use natural ingredients to replenish and sculpt your hair in the shower, while the Bryce Harper dry shampoo neutralizes oil and build-up at any point during your day.

Brocchi Grooming and Trimming Tool – $46; originally $209

This all-in-one groomer and trimmer has two guide combs to customize your look, while the four length settings get your hair just the length you want it. And the cut is always dead-on target thanks to the stay-sharp ceramic and titanium-coated blade.

BakBlade 2.0 Plus DIY Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver – $20.99; originally $39

Back hair isn't just unattractive — it's pretty much impossible to remove by yourself. The Bakblade addresses that problem, using its patented DRYglide blades to ensure the cleanest, closest, and safest shave possible, wet or dry. 

Professional Cordless Hair Trimmer with Grooming Kit – $69.99; originally $84

Here's a trimmer with all the precision and performance that your hair professional demands. The high-speed motor serves up full control for all 7 styling jobs this device can handle, covering everything from a curated stubble to long beards to completely clean-shaven. Plus, it's ultra-quiet too.

Brocchi Men Waterproof Trimmer – $35.99; originally $41

For those with coarse or curly hair, this trimmer with a 6,000RPM motor was designed to tackle just that thorny issue. 100 percent waterproof and rust-resistant, the stainless steel blade was crafted to get all those body hair grooming issues under tight control. And it's rechargeable via USB.

Brocchi Men Moisturizing Face Wash – $19.99; originally $49

Your face deserves a fresh start every morning — and this face wash made with carefully balanced formulas to help hydrate, repair, and enhance your look and smell can be that daily revitalizer. This wash also reduces skin irritation while it unclogs pores, leaving your skin ultra-fresh before every shave.

TSA Approved 7-Piece Manicure Set – $15.99; originally $20

When detail matters, this handy manicuring kit is on the case. With eyebrow scissors, two nail clippers, a file, tweezers, an ear pick, and a peeling blade, this set is prepared for all that slick grooming precision. It's also TSA-approved, so it can easily pass through security checkpoints and metal detectors without a problem.

Spade Smart Ear Wax Remover – $86.99 after code CLEAN13; originally $126

You know not to use a cotton swab to clean out your ears, right? The Spade is designed to do the job. Without blindly pushing the wax deeper inside your ear like a swab, the Spade has a 3MPX sensor camera and inner-mounted LEDs to stream the view inside your ear so you can gently scoop out stubborn earwax without missing a bit.

Use code CLEAN13 when you checkout and you can take another $13 off the already discounted price.

Caffeinated Men's Eye Cream – $39.99; originally $79

Caffeine? For your eyes? Yep. The eye cream by Billie Secret uses caffeine to fight aging by circulating blood around the eye, contracting blood vessels, and reducing dark circles. It also has hyaluronic acid that absorbs fluids to help bring down wrinkles and puffiness for the fresh, youthful look you want to maintain.

Deluxe Large Fogless Shower Shaving Mirror – $31.99; originally $39

With a bigger reflective surface and a thinner frame to fit better in any shower or bathroom, this mirror can rotate 360 degrees for just the right angle while shaving, tweezing, or any grooming task. It can even store your shower accessories, while the anti-fog mirror can also be cleaned with the self-storing squeegee.

Mess-Free Beard and Body Trimmer – $79.95; originally $99

The most annoying thing about most trimmers is all those little shorn hairs that end up everywhere afterward. This trimmer has that problem on lock, with a built-in vacuum feature that catches all those random hair clippings so you can trim a beard, a mustache, or sideburns without ever leaving a trace.

MetroMan Round Trip Waterproof USB Facial Brush – $49.99; originally $99

Yes, guys, your face could use a good brushing as well. The Round Trip is designed just for men's skin, delivering powerful exfoliation and deep pore cleansing with the flexible oscillating brush head. It's waterproof so you can safely use it in the shower — and it even helps reduce razor bumps from less-than-precise shavers.

MetroMan Nomad Waterproof USB Nose Trimmer – $49.99; originally $99

The stainless steel, high-quality blades are the secret weapon to this trimmer, avoiding the painful pulled hairs that can come from lesser trimmers. In addition to brilliant nose hair elimination, the Nomad is also waterproof, USB rechargeable, and runs so quietly that the hairs never even hear this trimmer coming.

MetroMan USB Waterproof Body Hair Trimmer – $49.99; originally $149

From head to toe, either this body hair trimmer or electric shaver has you covered. The hushbuzz technology allows for a focused, accurate trim anywhere and everywhere with a helpful skinguard that protects against any painful nicks or snags.

MetroMan Pilot Waterproof USB Electric Shaver – $59.99; originally $129

Need something a bit more travel-friendly? This Pilot shaver by MetroMan has two floating heads that offer a smooth trim on the go, and it offers a full hour of battery life off a single charge — more than enough for a week-long excursion.

MetroMan Grooming Travel Set – $129.99; originally $219

Or how about just grabbing the entire MetroMan collection at once, all in one packed-to-the-gills kit? This set brings together the Nomad Nose Trimmer, the Pilot Electric Shaver, and the Round Trip Facial Brush to get at each and every facet of your modern-day grooming regimen. They're all electric and USB rechargeable, so they're a perfect choice for any road trip as well. 

Prices subject to change.