These bidets might wean you off the toilet paper for good, especially since they are on sale for up to 33% off

Alright, so…first things first. Let's get right to the elephant in the room. Yes, this product is called the Butt Buddy. And yes, while your eyebrows undoubtedly went up and you immediately entertained thoughts about what that product might be, you should scrub your preconceptions and come at this with an open mind.

Ok…you all prepared now? Good. Because the Butt Buddy is a bidet toilet attachment that turns your regular, run-of-the-mill toilet into a fancy bidet in about 10 minutes. 

Crafted with a modern, slim design, the unit slides easily onto any standard toilet. Just shut off the water and pop off the current toilet seat, settle the Butt Buddy over those attachment points, then replace the seat and link your main water to the Buddy. No electricity or plumbing involved, and beyond a screwdriver for removing and refastening the seat, you can do the whole thing without any special tools.

With that, users can go from the messy wipe to a cleansing burst of water to clean up after a session. The unit has a water-pressure control knob and a self-cleaning nozzle, offering users the ability to settle on the exact pressure that works for them for better personal hygiene and a much more sanitary bathroom experience.

The nozzle spray is effortless and precise, so you can ratchet up the intensity to clean up messy episodes or even change the angle of the spray as needed. Constructed with quality materials including stainless steel, the quality of the Butt Buddy should keep it working like a champ for years to come.

You can also step up to the Butt Buddy Duo, which features a dual nozzle system for both rear washing as well as feminine cleansing from the front. Or you can go all the way for full luxury with the Butt Buddy Spa, which adds temperature control to the water so you can decide whether you want a warm or cold burst of liquid to handle your cleaning.

On top of a cleaner, healthier bathroom time, the Butt Buddy also helps you strike a blow for the environment. A bidet cuts toilet paper usage by 80 percent, saving users money with a green, sustainable process that reduces your carbon footprint. A bidet actually uses less water than it takes to produce a single roll of toilet paper roll and doesn't hurt a single tree in the process.

Try out the bidet life for yourself with all three versions of the Butt Buddy Bidet Toilet Attachment. The standard Butt Buddy is $36.99, a savings of $7 off the regular price. Meanwhile, the Duo is your best value at $39.99, 33 percent off retail pricing, or pamper yourself with the Spa for $62.99 and save $6 off your purchase.

Prices subject to change.