Watch The Daily Show's Women's History Month calendar montage…of recent acts against women

Women's History Month is supposed to be about lauding accomplishments of women in hopes that the victories of the past might open the door wider for the future. That doesn't seem to be happening. The Daily Show's day-by-day video calendar account of all of the atrocities that happened during this Women's History Month isn't even ironic. It would be ironic if during Women's History Month an inORDinate explosion of offenses, assaults and crimes against women suddenly sprang up, but that's not the case. These things are just daily life.

But it's a sound juxtaposition to have all of these recent high profile acts against women highlighted in the month that is supposed to be focused on honoring them. I'm certain we could do the same for Black History Month, it wouldn't even have to be February. Pick any month and I'll bet you we can find accounts in this country of daily horrific acts against African-Americans…or Asians, or LGBTQ+, or immigrants, or indigenous peoples, or the disabled, or…

The Daily Show is generally hilarious while being poignant. This is not one of those times. This is infuriating while being poignant. Sure our schools need to keep teaching STEM but how about a full course load of HTRTPETWADTY (How To Respectfully Treat People, Especially Those Who Are Different Than You).