Finally in possession of 'dream home,' Riverside couple may flip it

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Tracie and Myles Albert finally have the opportunity to move into their dream home, but they may not. Squatters Sam Boktor and his wife Miriam Khalil refused to go for 15 months, but recent media attention appears to have chased them out.

The Albert's real estate agent credits FOX11.

The trauma and HOA payments appear to have diminished the joy the Alberts felt upon purchase. They may no longer want to live in the home.


Neighbors were closely watching the two-story home. And when they noticed the squatting family loading up a vehicle with luggage, they notified Tracie and Myles.

On Friday, FOX 11 was the only camera there as a locksmith used bolt cutters to gain access to the home. We entered with Tracie.

The house was mostly empty, a little messy; some furniture left behind wrapped in plastic wrap. Tracie Albert walked us through the spacious home with lovely views. She teared up several times.

When I asked her how it felt to finally be inside her "dream home," she said she and her husband had discussed selling the property. The last 15 months had tarnished their love of the property.