Kyle MacLachlan Drops a Hint via Instagram about David Lynch's New Series

In November of 2020, it was announced that David Lynch is writing and directing a new series for Netflix, titled Wisteria (the alternate working title is Unrecorded Night). The November 26 issue of the industry trade publication Production Weekly revealed that filming for the show will begin in May of 2021. So far, we know that Lynch's previous collaborator Sabrina S. Sutherland is producing the series, and Peter Deming is the director of photography. Lynch has been keeping most of the other details about the show a secret for now, but a recent hint about Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan's involvement in the series has fans thrilled in anticipation. MacLachlan posted this photo of wisteria flowers to his Instagram account with the caption "Beeutiful. #wisteria". Many fans in the comment section were quick to see this post as a sign that MacLachlan, one of Lynch's long-time previous collaborators, will have a role in Lynch's upcoming show, leaving comments such as "IS THIS WHAT I THINK IT IS" and "Kyle give us something. Give us a hint. We want answers. I can't sleep because of it."