"Pray, Obey, Kill" is a new documentary about a creepy murder case involving members of a Pentecostal church

In 2004, the small town of Knutby in Sweden was under the international spotlight after a bizarre, complex murder took place. It involved the town's Pentecostal pastor, his murdered wife, his 26-year-old nanny (who claimed she'd received texts from God), the nanny's husband, who'd been seriously wounded but not killed, and the sect's leader, a woman who people referred to as "The Bride of Christ." And it so happens that the pastor's first wife had died under suspicious circumstances a few years earlier. Now HBO brings us the new mini series, Pray, Obey, Kill, which looks more like a creepy horror film than a docuseries. But it is, in fact, a five-part documentary that I look forward to watching. It premieres April 12.