The Twisty Mini can help smokers still enjoy a hit, but a lot more responsibly

Overall cigarette use has dropped by a hefty 26 percent over the past decade according to the American Lung Association. And you can bet that of those who consumed that remaining 74 percent, almost every single one of them knew tobacco smoke was not doing anything to help improve their overall health.

Of course, one way to curtail your intake of tobacco is to do what smokers have done for decades: tapering off their tobacco use to a few puffs here and there. For those looking to ease back on tobacco smoking or any other herb, the Twisty Mini Glass Blunt Tobacco Pipe can be an effective way to pare back slowly while still enjoying the occasional hit.

Made from premium 2mm thick glass, this tobacco pipe is only 5 inches long, fits in the palm of your hand, and can only hold up to 1.5 grams of tobacco or other substances. While the restraint is built right in, the quality construction of the Twisty Mini is still undeniable, offering a clean pull every time.

All users have to do is pack in their tobacco or herb, twist the screw counter-clockwise into the tube, then light up the end. Once that portion is ash, users just twist the screw back the other way, pushing the ash out of the tube and automatically loading the next pinch of fresh herb for your next hit. 

By splitting up the substance, the Twisty Mini not only limits the portions but also keeps a lid on the intensity of the effects. That way, the user can decide if they've had enough or they're ready for more.

Of course, at that size, the Twisty Mini is also incredibly easy to carry and use. It's also much easier to make it unobtrusive, so if you'd like to keep your smoking habits to yourself, the Twisty Mini is a good way not to draw attention to it.

The Twisty Mini Glass Blunt Tobacco Pipe usually retails for $49, but shoppers can get the Twisty Mini at more than 60 percent off, down to only $17.99.

Prices subject to change.