This farm-to-table subscription box provides healthier and fresher meat

If you aren't horrified by the state of America's food supply chain, then it's because you haven't been paying attention. Prices on food items keep rising, yet the farmers who make that food are taking home less and less. 

Part of that broken system is because farmers don't sell directly to you, the customer. Instead, that food item passes through all kinds of middlemen like first-line handlers, manufacturers, wholesalers, food and beverage services, retail food outlets, and more before reaching your dinner table.

United Harvest wants to change all that. They're a community of like-minded farmers who united to launch their own middleman-free, direct-to-consumer reimagining of what food distribution in America could be. The result: premium meat boxes offering a level of farm-to-table transparency that's virtually unrivaled if you don't live on a farm yourself.

Rather than going through the typical grocery store supply line, these United Harvest boxes of meat come from their partners running small, trusted farms, employing ethical and regenerative methods to pasture raise healthier, happier animals. 

The pasture-to-plate beef that comes in this box is as natural as raising the cow on your own. The meat never contains any GMOs, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and all the other contaminants that lead to huge levels of food-borne illnesses.

The meats are packed right at the source farm, flash-frozen so they stay fresh, then get delivered to the customer's door within 72 hours. That's as opposed to the up to six weeks that chemically-treated meats can take to get from a store to a supermarket meat counter.

Customers get insanely fresh cuts of meat, while farmers get a much larger chunk of the profits from that sale. It's an absolute win-win.

A United Harvest premium farm-to-table meat box called Lovers' Regale will include eight cuts of pristine pastured Oregon Angus beef. That's over three pounds of meat, featuring a pair of New York strip steaks, two tenderloins, and 1 lb. of Angus and Wagyu ground beef for making the best burgers, meatballs, and beyond you've ever tasted.

With this deal, you can save $10 off the price of this box, putting all that organic, absolutely pure beef right on your dinner plate for only $149

Prices subject to change.