Reactionary meme characters are now gay and in love

Have you spent a worrisome amount of time reading r/PublicFreakout, r/IdiotsInCars or other archives of public misfortune? Perhaps you need a break from schadenfreude. Perhaps you should visit r/GatekeepingYuri.

Remember Virgin vs. Chad, as emerged from 4Chan back in 2016? They're boyfriends now. 

That "De-Bimbofication" piece that's made the rounds since 2017? They're all in the same book club now.

Original art by @nomsikka

All those "Men in 19xx vs Men Now – What Went Wrong?!" memes you see plastered on your conservative friend's cousin's Facebook page? Those men are trading fashion tips, and they both look amazing (and they're in love). 

Original art by Klara_kalamara

Originally created as an antithesis for subs like r/NotLikeOtherGirls (and r/NotLikeOtherCats and r/NotLikeOtherGuys), r/GatekeepingYuri takes purposefully divisive meme formats and turns them into something a little more wholesome and (in most cases) gay. 

While the sub isn't always great at crediting the artists of some of these pieces, a bit of Googling can find you a Twitter handle or two, and if you have your own commission in mind, there's a slew of Reddit users chomping at the bit to fill your requests.