Japan's 90-year-old fitness trainer is probably in better shape than you are

Takishima Mika (aka Takimika) was born on January 15, 1931. She started training when she was 65 and became a trainer herself at 87. She hopes to continue working until she's 100. In the video below, she demonstrates remarkable strength and flexibility with weights and yoga poses.

From Nippon.com:

"I only got into fitness because I wanted to lose weight. Once I had done that, however, I decided I wanted to have a nice tight bottom like a Brazilian woman. Then, once I had achieved that, I decided I wanted broad shoulders and a narrow waist. The next thing I knew, I was teaching aerobics classes. I never dreamed my life would play out like this."

But Japan's oldest fitness instructor does have one goal in mind. One day, Takishima received a message from someone who had seen one of her videos. The writer said she used to wish she was dead, but after seeing how healthy and happy Takishima was, her attitude changed, and now she lives her life positively.