Love popping bubble wrap? Pop Fidget Anti-Stress Pads offer the same satisfaction

Humans really aren't all that different from the other creatures that inhabit this planet. We laugh when cats ignore expensive cat toys while crawling bags or hopping into boxes. But honestly, are we any different? 

Case in point: in a world with stress balls, weighted blankets, and even adult coloring books, what's one of the most stress-relieving activities you can perform? Popping a sheet of bubble wrap, of course!

No seriously, it's true. In fact, researchers learned that the satisfaction of popping those little packing bubbles for 60 seconds provides stress relief equivalent to a 33-minute massage. Scientists believe it helps release muscle tension caused by our body's automatic fight-or-flight response.

Based on that same principle, the Pop Fidget Anti-Stress Pad is a sensory tool that serves a few different roles. This squishy pad made of high-quality silicone is almost like reusable bubble wrap, offering a tactile resistance with an audibly satisfying click as each bubble is pressed. And once you've popped through every bubble on the pad, just flip it over and start again.

For adults, it serves as a stress or anxiety reliever, allowing users to focus on the simple task and help beat back any accumulated stress through the diverted attention. It's also just a fun fidget toy for those with idle energy to burn off who'd rather not be tapping a pencil or twiddling their thumbs.

Of course, the bright colors and pleasant sounds of these pads are also like catnip for kids, who can also find serious benefits from fiddling with all these bubbles. It's been found to work for kids with ADHD and autism and even decreases feelings of depression. Plus, the Pop Fidget pads come with a few fun games you can play in pressing those bubbles, so it can even improve a kid's brainpower.

And it works, earning a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from reviews by more than 2,000 Amazon customers. Right now, you can pick up a 2-pack of Pop Fidget Anti-Stress Pads at 60 percent off their regular price, down to just $15.99.

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