Watch: 1926 surreal film from Japan called "A Page of Madness"

"A Page of Madness" is an experimental Japanese horror film from 1926. It was directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa. Here's a good review on Letterboxed:

Set in a remote mental hospital, the film focuses mostly on the experiences (both internal and external) of an old janitor, whose delusional wife is one of the hospital's patients. As he begins to lose his grip on reality, the film alternates between the man's increasingly nightmarish fantasies and the equally unsettling events taking place at the asylum. With dramatic lighting, captivating cinematography, and innovative filming techniques, including a lot of double exposures and disorienting lens filters, A Page of Madness effectively creates a haunting and surreal world that really feels like it was pushing the boundaries of the medium at the time.

When the film was released, it was accompanied with live narration. It helps to read a plot synopsis, like the one on Wikipedia.

The visuals are incredible. Here are a few screenshots:

[via r/ObscureMedia]