Haunted jail for sale in Florida

For $140,000, you could move right into the former Gilchrist County Jail in Trenton, Florida. Eight bedrooms, eight baths! The disclosures sell it! Built in 1928, it was a working jail until 1968 and, according to local legend, apparently still houses some ghostly guards. From the Realtor.com listing:

The old Gilchrist county jail in Trenton is a very unique attraction for those thrill seekers out there whom over the years have come from all over the world to document the heavy paranormal activity that frequently occurs inside and outside of the jail. See apparitions walking around the grounds in broad day. Possibly the spirits within will voice what's on their mind when you arrive before you even make it inside. This location was used as the Gilchrist county jail actively from 1928 to 1968 with the home/living addition to the jail was actually built in 1966 just 2 years before ceasing operation. Home to years of grisly stand offs, killings and much more its no surprise this location is loaded with visible and Audible paranormal activity. Can you can believe years ago they would lock the prisoners in and there would be no one in the jail with them? As you can imagine that opened the door up for extreme nefarious activity. The Old Gilchrist county jail is still operating tours and having paranormal ghost club meetings. This is an awesome turnkey tourist related business opportunity!

(via Orlando Sentinel)