Look at this perfect response to a pyramid schemer

I almost feel sorry for pyramid schemers, because the success of their scheme depends on roping in people as stupid as they are. Here's a recent exchange between a schemer and a person smart enough to not only say no, but to turn these sleazy attempts into entertainment.

Hi, I know you're busy with teaching and your family but I'm wondering if you'd have any interest in hearing about my business. I have to ask. I'm committed to sharing it with others, especially my fellow mommies, and I know that busy people are successful people. Is there any chance you'd be open to chatting about it to see if it might be a good fit for you?

I win!

You will?

No, I win!

What do you win?

When you added me as a friend, my husband and I made a bet of how long it be before you tried to push your MLM on me in a private message. He bet 1 – 5 messages, and I bet 6 – 10. Since you brought it up on the 6th message, I'm the winner!!

No MLM seller "friend" has ever waited longer than 10 messages to bring up their "amazing" business. But be proud of yourself that you at least pretended to be my friend for a few messages before bringing it up! Yay for you!

[via The Poke]