NPR's listeners rate the top 25 Muppets of all time

NPR surveyed its readers as to which Muppets they love best. Sadly, NPR's listeners are wrong. Look at how low the guys at #24 and #25 are? Top Ten Muppets for sure.


25. Count von Count

The ultimate Order Muppet. Nice to see the Count showing up here, repping Sesame Street (he's one of only 10 Sesame Street Muppets to make the top 25, surprisingly enough). (Justice for Prairie Dawn, by the way.) He always scared the hell out of me — I didn't care for those bats forever flitting around his widow's peak, or for his ability to call forth thunder and lightning — but if you were a kid prone to obsessive behavior you likely saw, in his compulsion to apportion the chaotic world around him into neat, quantitative chunks, a kindred spirit. — Glen

24. Dr. Teeth

It pleases me that this talented musician, he of the brightly decorated tour bus and the funkiest and furriest band, made it onto the list. Honestly, it took a while for me, as a young person, to truly appreciate the groovy greatness of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (one of the great band names). There's a way in which the group calls gently to hippies, cool cats, and maybe even (gasp) stoners, that doesn't matter to little kids but is a little bit funny when you're older. Plus, particularly in The Muppet Movie, Dr. Teeth is a key part of the winking, knowing, audience-acknowledging part of Muppet lore. He leads the band. He provides the hot tunes. The doctor is always in. — Linda