Prepare yourself for spring and summer with this brilliant $140 outdoor grill and smoker

You can grill 365 days a year, rain or shine. If you're brave enough, you can even grill in the snow. But you have to admit that firing up the coals and slapping some meat on a building blaze in the middle of beautiful spring and summer weather is truly the pinnacle of any grillmaster's art.

Now that the calendar has flipped to April and we're looking at several months of warm, glorious weather ahead, it's definitely time to take stock of your BBQ situation and decide if anything is leaving you wanting.

With some heavy-duty machinery like the Outdoor BBQ Grill Barbecue Pit Patio Cooker from Costway lined up in your backyard, it's tough to believe you'd ever stumble across the word wanting.

Made of durable black-coasted anti-rust steel for years of dependable use, this practical, fashionable grill can be the centerpiece of your summer entertaining. And it isn't just the impressive look and construction of this grill that demands attention. This combination griller and smoker cooks like an absolute beast as well.

The porcelain-enameled lid and bowl provide optimal heat control, with an upgraded temperature gauge built right into the lid for real-time monitoring of your cooking temperature. You'll never have to guess if this grill is ready to start blasting some beef — you'll know. 

It's also got the attached steel firebox that helps reduce smoking and offsets heat for a more comfortable cooking environment. And there's even the convenient front wood shelf designed for keeping grilling tools or spices within easy reach.

While many comparable units have to be lugged around, the Costway Grill is equipped with a pair of rolling wheels so you can easily truck this cooker around virtually anywhere.

From big thick steaks and poultry to more delicate seafood and veggies, you can modulate your heat with this charcoal-powered blast furnace to produce mouth-watering delicacies every time. And if you happen to earn the neighborhood grillmaster title for your efforts… Well, that's just char on a perfectly brilliant burger, isn't it?

Regularly priced at $209, you can save 33 percent off the Costway Outdoor BBQ Grill Barbecue Pit Patio Cooker with this deal, cutting your final price down to only $139.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices subject to change.