Trevor Noah on Mitch McConnell's attempt to silence corporate views: "The monster you created is coming after you"

Trevor Noah has fun comparing Mitch McConnell to a bank robber after the senator's shut-up-and-pay-me stance toward corporations. "McConnell is telling corporations to just stay out of politics completely – with one small exception," Noah says. After a clip of McConnell spouting off his hypocritical views – saying that it's "stupid" for corporations to speak out against Georgia's voter new suppression but by all means they should give political donations, Noah says, "Now that – that's my Mitch right there… Mitch-ass n[bleep], 'Keep your mouth shut and hand over the money!' That's literally what bank robbers say."

Noah later addresses McConnell directly: "But you see, Mitch, after you spend decades helping companies intervene in politics, you can't now be upset that companies want to intervene in politics. The monster you created is coming after you."