Enraged screaming man pounds and kicks shop door, spits on glass in hope of getting phone repaired, gets arrested instead

This Stafford County, Virginia Verizon store's doors were locked but the gentleman in this video, who needed to have his phone repaired, thought he could convince the employee inside to open the door for him by throwing a violent temper tantrum. He shouted incoherently, grabbed the door handles and rattled the door, pounded the glass with his fist, kicked the door, spit on the door, threw his phone at the window, invited the employee to fight him, and demanded to have his "shit fixed, man." But the employee was unmoved. The police were called and can be seen in the below video having a conversation with him.

From The Daily Dot:

The overlay says, "Welcome to America, where you act like an animal, then have a nice talk with the police. White is right. If he was brown, he would've been down."

But that's not quite right. According to TMZ, the man was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct here, back in July. And according to TMZ's original, full version of the video, Ken calls a Verizon rep the N-word during his violent outburst.

From TMZ:

The disgusting incident went down July 15 in Stafford, Virginia where a Verizon employee recorded this man named Robert Colonna going berserk. Colonna was so pissed about something not working — and its cost — that he hurled a loogie at the closed door, and then started dropping n-bombs as he screamed at the workers.

The staffer who posted the video explained it this way … "[He] assaulted me before entering store throwing phones inside store then picking them up leaving the store claiming he had something else for us. I IMMEDIATELY locked the door behind him."