Eyecam is a blinking, flitting webcam that looks back at you

This webcam, housed in an animatronic sculpture of a grossly disembodied human eye, was created by Marc Teyssier, Marion Koelle, Paul Strohmeier, Bruno Fruchard and Jürgen Steimle. [Human Computer Interaction Lab via The Verge] They call it the Eyecam and I lovehate it.

Webcams that are in front of us, looking at us, constantly. What if the webcam looked like a human eye ? We are familiar with the human eye, and a webcam and a human eye share a purpose: they "see." But in contrast to the webcam human eye are expressive. Human eyes can express happiness, anger, boredom or fatigue. They can look curious, distracted or focused. Eyecam is a prototype exploring the potential future design of sensing devices. Using the parallel with the human eye open up a whole new layer of interaction that hasn't existed in technical artifacts before.