Going down a luxe letterpress printing rabbit hole

I am a printer. It is the only thing I have any formal education in. I haven't operated a press in 40 years, but I still strongly identity with that noble trade. When I co-ran an offset printing shop in my youth, we used to look down our noses at letterpress. Now, it's the only form of printing I long to practice.

High-end letterpress printing is demonstrated in all of its glory on the Jukebox Print YouTube channel. Jukebox is a high-end custom business card printer in Canada.

Each video on their channel, shot in their letterpress department, is usually close to 30 minutes long and takes you through the entire process of 5-color letterpress printing, foil printing, gilding, die-cut printing, and more.

And for printer enthusiasts, their beautiful shop, filled with old, well-oiled and maintained Heidelberg presses, is to die for.

Image: YouTube