Watch this hilarious analogy between being stuck at a house party full of weirdos and the Republican party

If you've ever found yourself at a party and suddenly realized you're hanging out with a bunch of weirdos – not the crew you thought would show up – you'll love Ben Meiselas's hilarious analogy between awkward house parties and the Republican party. On his Meidas Touch podcast, Meiselas shows a nightmare scenario of knocking on someone's door thinking you're going to have fun, only to find yourself stuck in a room full of misfits like Marjorie Taylor Greene doing "weird pull-ups," Lauren Boebert fiddling with guns, Jim Jordan walking around in a wrestling outfit, and Ted Cruz just being Ted Cruz, and you ask yourself, "Do I still want to be in this party?" Meiselas' point is that "at some point in time, the party may get so fucking weird that you just gotta leave the party and go to the other house's party."