Ditch .com. Get a .tech web extension instead and save 80 percent on your new digital home.

You're ready to take over the world with your new project Killer Computers. No, your computers don't actually kill anyone. It's just the name of your new online retail computer brand. 

Of course, your company needs a website. Unfortunately, getting the rights to the web address killercomputers.com is impossible. Now, nobody ever actually built a killercomputers.com website before, but somebody did buy that domain name 17 years ago. You could try to buy it from them. But even if they wanted to sell, it would likely cost you at least a couple hundred, maybe even a few thousand dollars to own it yourself.

Thankfully, .com domain extensions aren't the only game in town anymore. In fact, especially for tech-savvy projects and brands, a new .tech web address is now available — and FWIW, killercomputers.tech is absolutely available.

You can plant your digital flag in that wide-open .tech real estate with your very own .tech domain name, now available at 80 percent off its regular 1-year and 5-year prices. That means you could lock up an online home like killercomputer.tech for as low as only $4.99 for 12 months.

.Tech is just one of the many web extensions opened up in the past decade, allowing site owners more customization and specialization options for helping web searchers better find their goods, services, or experiences online. You get to avoid a long, awkward, or even vague web address in the .com realm with a short, meaningful, memorable domain name with global appeal in an inherently branded .tech space.

From retailers or entrepreneurs looking to launch a new project to a programming student just looking to get his coding portfolio online, that .tech extension offers an instantly relatable place in the tech community, all with a streamlined address that will absolutely help spur better web traffic and search engine results.

The .tech name also puts you in good company, with over 332,000 fellow .tech developers, including huge international brands like media giant Viacom (viacom.tech) or the world's largest annual tech extravaganza, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (ces.tech).

Head over to the get.tech website now, search for your name of choice, and use the code TECHNOW to lock in your .tech domain name for 80 percent off the regular price.

Prices are subject to change.