For the last 54 weeks, The Rocky Horror Picture Show played in this empty theater every Saturday night

For 43 years, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has played every Saturday night at Portland's Clinton Street Theater. The pandemic forced the theater to shut the doors, but the movie still played, for 54 weeks, to an almost entirely empty house. Running the projector, and occasionally accompanied by a friend, was Nathan Williams, the host of the theater's regular Rocky Horror showings. From The Oregonian:

"I watched it alone. I watched it during the snowstorm," said Williams, who serves as emcee for the theater's "Rocky" nights. "I was in a position to keep a flame burning, to keep a torch lit.

"I'm just a guy holding a torch for the city of Portland, for all the weirdos, for all the people who don't have a safe place to call home, we're home […]

Since 1987, members of the Clinton Street Cabaret have acted out "Rocky" on a stage below the screen at the Clinton Street Theater, mimicking the film in what's called a shadow cast.

"'Rocky' has always been a place for the weird, quiet kid and the loud extrovert and the person who's just looking for something fun to do and the theater kids and LGBTQ kids," said Loren Thompson, the current president of the cabaret. "It's where all the misfits come to find family."

The Clinton Street Theater has re-opened at limited capacity. Let's do the time warp again.