ArcLight and Pacific theaters permanently close doors

Along with innumerable other businesses, big and small, both the ArcLight (previously at Boing Boing) and Pacific theaters will remain closed after the extreme financial toll brought on by the pandemic. Celebrities from all facets of the entertainment industry took to social media to mourn the loss of the famous theater.

"Well this sucks," tweeted [Rian] Johnson, director of blockbusters "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" and "Knives Out." "Every single person who worked at the Arclight loved movies, and you felt it. Sending love to every usher, manager and projectionist who rocked that blue shirt and made it such a special place."

"I am cynical," wrote producer, writer and actress [Mindy] Kaling. "I feel like the arclight's not really gone and some corporation has already bought it and this is part of a strategy to cause mourning and then they swoop in and save it and we love them and forget they're a corporation. I mean, that's how I would do it and I'm evil."

via LA Times

Filmmaker James Gunn lamented the loss as well, saying he'd "miss talking to the employees about their favorite films, which they had listed on their name tags."

Upon hearing the news, "The Farewell" director [Lulu] Wang remembered her "first time meeting Quentin Tarantino in the lobby of the Hollywood Arclight," while "Crazy Rich Asians" filmmaker Chu fondly recalled debuting his first feature at the same location, home to the famous Cinerama Dome theater.

"Devastating," Wang wrote. "Too many losses to process. It's too much."

via LA Times