Fox then and now: watch their extreme about-face on border conditions

Wow, what a difference a presidency makes. Watch how these Republican hypocrites comically spin to a different beat on the topic of border conditions now that President Biden is at the helm. For example:

Laura Ingraham now: The Border Patrol is completely overwhelmed, facilities overflowing and unsanitary. Laura Ingraham then: We're gonna show you how the Trump Administration is actually trying to protect these children and give you a look at their real living conditions.

Sean Hannity now: You see these overcrowded detention centers. Frankly I find it abusive towards these kids. Sean Hannity then: None of us would want to be in a detention center. I'm being very clear about that. But you know what? People are safe, people have recreational activities, soccer fields, and they're not dying.

Steve Doocy now: 10-12-year-old little boy with the tears streaming down his face. You could hear it in his voice. He said, "I am afraid." Steve Doocy then: The treatment these children are getting is pretty darn good!

Brian Kilmeade now: And those that do make it across the border are often held in cramped cages. Are the Democrats for these children? Do they matter? Brian Kilmeade then: Like it or not, these aren't our kids. It's not like he's doing this to the people of Idaho. These are people from another country.

The video was produced/edited by The Daily Social Distancing show.