Man smokes legal weed in Nevada, gets arrested in Dubai, could face 3 years

Don't go to Dubai with a bread roll poppy seed on your sweater. Don't go to Dubai with a microscopic speck of pot on your shoe. And don't be like Peter Clark, an American who smoked pot in Las Vegas and was imprisoned in Dubai days later for having trace amounts of THC in his blood.

From The Daily Mail:

Clark is a retired games designer who previously worked on popular Xbox and Playstation games. He said he wants to branch out into something 'new', so flew to Dubai on February 24 to scout recording studio locations.  

He had last smoked marijuana days before flying from his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a business trip in the United Arab Emirates.

Clark, 51, had only been in Dubai for one day when he fell ill with pancreatitis and was rushed to hospital. 

Nurses took a urine sample which showed traces of the drug marijuana. As required by Dubai law they informed the police of the results.

Clark, a retired computer games designer from Las Vegas, Nevada, was arrested and thrown in jail for three days.