Matt Bors quits political cartooning

Portland-based artist Matt Bors is one of the essential cartoonists of the 21st century, penning 1600 cartoons over 18 years. But he's ending his weekly strip and will focus on journalism, fiction, and running The Nib, the satirical website he founded.

I want to do more nonfiction cartooning at The Nib— the interviews and journalism I have only been able to do in between the cracks of my deadlines— and I'm actively preparing pitches as a writer on some fiction comics. It's time for me to work in longer formats and dip into all the kinds of comics I love and want to create. I'll also be serving as an Advisor for Tinyview, a promising new comics app, where I'll be bringing in an array of comics across many genres. (You can download it here.)

Here's his last one, an appropriate ending.