This optical illusion area rug will shred your room's space-time continuum (it won't)

There are area rugs that tie together a space. There are area rugs that offer a unique aesthetic to give a room a different look or feel. Then there are area rugs that do both of those things while also filling in the Venn diagram of supremely messing with your mind. And you better be ready. Because this 3D Bottomless Hole Optical Illusion Area Rug is a serious trip, man.

If you need an area rug, but demand a piece with your quirky sense of humor and unusual sense of room decor, then this round 24×24-inch head-scratcher is probably right in your wheelhouse.

The rug itself is crafted from polyester fiber that's hard-wearing, stain-resistant, and long-lasting. It sports a high-density space elastic cotton interlayer that absorbs water, is soft and fluffy to the touch, and doesn't fade during washing. And it's constructed with a high-density memory foam, which can actually help alleviate foot pressure. 

Those are all the standard traditional reasons to buy a rug. And make no mistake, those reasons are not unimportant, but c'mon. Let's get to the point here. The reason you want and need this rug is to seriously freak your peeps out!

You know it's a rug. Your visitors know it's a rug. But your brain is telling you this black and white circle is actually a portal straight down, an optical illusion of bold monochromatic patterns that makes you feel like edging even slightly too close to the edge of this rug is a one-way ticket down. Way down.

Worst case scenario: this rug is a light chuckle at its cheeky humor. Best case scenario: somebody actually gets unnerved and fears a very real fall. And if you're in the position to unleash that kind of emotional uncertainty from just a 2 foot-diameter area rug, you've pretty much got to go all-in on that, right?

You can unnerve anyone and everyone with this 3D Bottomless Hole Optical Illusion Area Rug now and even save more than a few bucks. Regularly $49, this conversation starter is now 67 percent off, or just $15.95. Admit it…you know you want to.

Prices subject to change.