Woman gets trapped in the sand while walking on a Boston beach

A 54-year-old woman simply went on a stroll with a dog to look for sea glass on the beach. But as Camille Coelho walked along the wet sand at Boston's Constitution Beach she began to sink, until suddenly she was buried up to her knees. Her attempt at having some fun during a stick-in-the-mud pandemic year fell short, as she literally got stuck in the mud. She realized she was trapped in lock-down mode even in the outdoors. The dog remained free, but stood nearby. From AP:

"It's a great metaphor for the year," Coelho, a nurse in South Shore Hospital's intensive care unit, told the Herald. "I can't believe it. I stepped in mud and pretty soon it was up to my knees, and I was stuck."

Her dilemma caught the attention of other beachgoers, who called for help…

Before long, firefighters arrived and were able to pull her to safety. All told, it was one more awful episode during a pandemic that has been full of them. But Coelho said this one made her laugh.