Man evicted home renters for growing cannabis and then set up his own grow operation there

John Sheahan, 48, of County Cork, Ireland evicted tenants from a home he owns after they set up a shipping container in the back yard as an unlicensed cannabis grow house. He reportedly torched the 33 plants that they had cultivated. Then, hurting for money, Sheahan apparently partnered with another man who offered him €5,000 to get into the business. From the Irish Times:

He took responsibility for the grow house, which was set up in three separate rooms in the container with the third room containing the mature plants[…]

Judge Sean O Donnabhain said the fact that Sheahan had evicted his tenants for growing cannabis only to go into the business himself was perplexing.

"Was it the way he objected to Foreign Direct Investment? He throws out the developer and then takes over the business himself." […]

In sentencing Sheahan to two years in jail, which he suspended in its entirety, the Judge said: "He may have learned his lesson."

illustrative image: Plantlady223 (CC BY-SA 4.0)