Stephen Colbert challenges you to rename disgraced former President Trump

If you've been watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert over the last few months you may have noticed that the late night host has refrained from saying the name "Trump" in any way. He has gone out of his way to use terms like "the former president" or "the 45th president" or even just "45", giving Trump the Voldemort treatment. Trump's so Voldemort-atrocious that even his name is unspeakable and saying it might unwittingly summon him from his ghoulish depths. Even Trump's name had been censored in graphics and print on Colbert's show using asterisk's, like this: President T***p.

"After the whole January 6 thing — no, even before that. It was after November 6 when he did that whole 'I won' thing, I planned not to say the guy's name again. I think I've paid my dues in that regard, but now that the buzzkills over at the AP have mentioned it, it's no fun anymore. Besides, it's really hard coming up with synonyms for this douche nozzle's name," said Mr. Colbert. This is where YOU come in.

via The Wrap:

Colbert then appealed to his audience to help him find a more suitable name for Trump, like "Melania's husband," until, he hopes, he can start referring to him as "the defendant." He encouraged viewers to tweet their suggestions at him and vowed to use the most appropriate ones on the show.

Now's your time to shine, dear readers and Colbert viewers. Creating alternate names for that orange noxious, slobbering, lying shit-gibbon* is at the very least enjoyable and dare I say a healthy release, but then tweet it to Stephen and maybe yours will be selected!

*I borrowed "shit-gibbon" from a British tweeter a few years ago and it's still my favorite name for T***p.