This no-bullshit video perfectly explains why corporations are "embracing" democracy

Q: "Why are corporations like MLB and Coke and Delta taking the Democrat's side?" A: "They aren't."

When sleazy politicians blame corporations on taking sides – like Marco Rubio, who now accuses companies against voter suppression laws of being "woke corporate hypocrites," or Mitch McConnell, who is suddenly telling corporations to "stay out of politics. Don't pick sides" – someone needs to set the record straight. Which is exactly what political commentator Leigh McGowan does in this wonderfully clear and concise reminder of where corporations really stand.

"Make no mistake," she says. "Corporations are on corporations' side. Coke might make an ad about teaching the world to sing, but what they really care about is the soothing dulcet tones of a cash register." In other words, all corporations care about is making money, and even though it may appear (thanks to cheating tactics like gerrymandering) that Republicans cater to the dominant voice in the US, "they have no way to skew the purchasing power of the actual majority of the country in real life."

Corporations don't give a shit about the complexities of whether Americans are racists, religious, against voter suppression, ethical, evil or what have you. It is much simpler than that. "At the end of the day," McGowan explains, "there are just millions and millions more Americans who believe in Democratic values, equity, equality, human and voting rights than there are the alternative, and the corporations know this. Republicans may act like they have the base of the country, but they don't."