Absolutely massive smalltooth sawfish washed up in Florida

This 16 foot-long smalltooth sawfish washed up in the Florida Keys. This specimen is the largest of its kind ever measured by scientists. It's not known how the animal died. From LiveScience:

Sawfish have been on the [Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation] Commissions' research radar since 2003, when they were added to the U.S. federal endangered species list. (All five species of sawfish are also listed as endangered or critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.) 

Sawfishes are a kind of ray fish known for their flat, chainsaw-like snouts. Little was known about them before their endangered species listing, (FWC biologist Gregg) Poulakis said.

"Basically, any question you could ask — 'How big do they get?; what kind of habitat do they need?; how long do they live' — we just didn't have an answer," he said.

image: FWC