Impatient Florida driver blasts through gate, jumps car over opening drawbridge

The Dukes of Hazzard would be proud. This Florida driver harnessed Bo and Luke Duke's penchant for lawlessness and decided to plow through the drawbridge gate and jump over the rising bridge rather than wait it out. It's a stupid stunt caught on traffic cameras. It is American impatience on display. It is reckless and dangerous. It is all those things. And while it's not exactly soaring, Dukes-style, I do find my self admiring it just a tiny bit.

I do not encourage anyone to bust through traffic arms or jump over stuff in your vehicle. I myself would never try that maneuver because I most certainly would plunge my automobile into the Halifax River off of Daytona Beach's Main Street Bridge, where this driver was. Be safer than this knucklehead.