Is it worth disassembling and repainting a vintage iMac to match this amazingly yellow mechanical keyboard?

I have an old, adorably tiny late-2006 17" iMac of the polycarbonate type (like this one, but Intel) that needs a keyboard. Mark alerted me to the LargePrint Black on Yellow Mac ALBA Keyboard, an eyecatching mechanical monster that would brighten any desk. But there's a problem: they don't match. I can't very well repaint those amazing keycaps, but that iMac sure could use a teardown (maybe throw in a 64-bit cpu and a SSD to bring it kicking and screaming into 2007) and respray. (I figure I'd use a plastic-friendly paintstripper on the inside of the polycarbonate casing to remove the white?)

Then wrap up with some handmade coiled yellow cords and (if it's matchy matchy enough) a mouse to match, and exclusively wear this suit while working on it.

It's this or semiotic standard.