A retired sheriff and his tiny K-9 partner – who were inseparable – died the same day

You often hear of long-married, inseparable couples dying on the same day – or at least a few days apart. But a retired Ohio sheriff passed away not on the same day as his human partner, but as his loyal K-9 partner. On Wednesday, while Sheriff Dan McClelland, 67, died at a hospital after battling cancer, his 16-year-old chihuahua, Midge, died at home. Apparently they had been inseparable.

From AP:

He and Midge — but especially Midge — were rock stars in Geauga County. Wherever McClelland went, Midge was by his side. At the office, she would nap on a dog bed beside his desk. Schoolchildren were enthralled during their visits.

McClelland's successor, Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand, recalls driving a golf cart with McClelland and Midge in the passenger seat at the Great Geauga County Fair. He said it was a slow ride as people flocked to them, petting and fussing over Midge.

Unlike large and more aggressive police dogs, the mild-mannered Midge would search vehicles without tearing up upholstery or leaving muddy footprints. Searching underneath vehicles was never a problem.

Their partnership led to appearances on daytime television talk shows and mentions in national magazines, including Playboy. She maintained her K-9 certifications until their joint retirement.

The sheriff and Midge will be buried together, according to AP.