Florida lawmakers demand teen genital inspections

Nothing says "we care about children" more than forcing them to undergo inspections of their genitals. Bill  HB 1475 passed the Florida House Wednesday by a vote of 77 to 40, with unanimous Republican support and one Democrat vote.

From Tampa Bay:

HB 1475, sponsored by Rep. Kaylee Tuck, R-Lake Placid, would enact a blanket ban on transgender athletes competing in scholastic girls' and women's sports in Florida. Transgender athletes would still be allowed to compete in boys and men's sports.

The bill, which is modeled after an Idaho law that was temporarily struck down by a federal judge last year, allows a school or competitor to lodge a complaint about an athlete competing in a girls' or woman's sport. If the party complaining suspects the athlete was not assigned the female gender at birth, the athlete in question will have to prove their birth gender — via a genetic test, a test of their testosterone levels or an examination of their reproductive anatomy by a medical professional — in order to compete.