MyVaccine: Finally, a Covid-19 shot made just for conservatives (and for Mike Lindell fans)

Dr. Fauci and company, take note: here's a template for a vaccine ad made just for conservatives. "You storm the Capitol, let MyVaccine storm your capillaries!" Mike Lindell's doppelganger says as he peddles his new merch, which he guarantees "does not contain a Bill Gates tracking device." He also guarantees that for every MyVaccine his customers get is one less that a Rachel Maddow fan gets. But the best part for conservatives is that he's not going to bore them with the science. "Let's be honest, you don't like the science, I don't like the science. Whatever. just stick it in your arm." This MyPillow parody ad might be just another funny sketch from The Daily Show, but air it on Fox News and let's see what happens.