I am unsure how I have lived without this bread slicing tray

I just want someone to look upon me as adoringly as that woman falling for the bread slices.

Anyways, this bread tray is not the one that woman is gooey for, but it suits my needs better.

Things I like about the one with the lone slicer are:

  1. It stores away small
  2. Not made of plastic, even tho there are cheaper plastic variants
  3. Bread slices are fairly uniform and not a mashed mess (my usual style!)
  4. Crumbs are managed
  5. Slightly cheaper than the one with the starry eye'd damsel, as it fails to include an unwanted knife (in my case.)

I have my own bread and butter knives, but extras are always good.

Amyhome Bamboo Bread Slicer,Bread Slicers for Homemake Bread,Adjustable Bread Slicing Guide,Portable Foldable Bread Toast Slicer with Crumb Tray for Bread/Cake/Bagel via Amazon