Luminox watches are more than timepieces and these models are on sale for half off

Back in 1992, Luminox was a fledgling sports watch manufacturer when it began working with the U.S. Navy to create a new watch for use by elite Navy SEALs. After that popular Navy SEAL watch was born, other elite units reached out to follow suit as Luminox crafted timepieces for the  U.S. Coast Guard, the New York City Police Department, the Singapore Air Force, Special Military Forces Israel and many other law enforcement groups.

Now, Luminox is a name watch fans associate with rugged performance and Swiss-crafted precision as part of its impressive pedigree. You can feel like a Navy SEAL yourself by picking up one of six different Luminox models now on sale with the current offer.

And because these watches were used as in-store display models, you get a premium brand new Luminox watch at the cut-rate price of about half off.

Luminox Black Ops 8800 Series Quartz Men's Watch  – $219; originally $445

In addition to their world-renowned toughness, Luminox watches are also known for their distinctive Luminox Light Technology. Employing tritium inserts, Luminox brands like the Black Ops have numbers with long-term luminescence. So unlike brands that use luminescent paint on numbers to make them glow for a while after sun exposure, Luminox numbers glow always, every day, 24/7/365 for up to 25 years. This 8880 series also features a Carbonox case, unidirectional ratcheting bezel, and stainless steel screw-in case back for enhanced water resistance up to 200 meters deep.

Luminox Black Ops Carbon Quartz Men's Watch  – $199; originally $395

This black-on-gray 45mm watch is made using anti-reflective sapphire crystal for better day and night visibility. Not to mention, it's also ultra scratch-resistant. With a highly durable webbing band, a brush stainless steel buckle and Luminox self-powered dial illumination, this watch may not go through actual black ops missions, but it's nice to know it could safely survive one if needed. It also comes with its own manufacturer's 2-year warranty in the result of any issues with the watch.

Luminox Navy SEAL 3500 Series Quartz Men's Watch  – $199; originally $395

Here's the watch that started the Luminox craze. This 46mm timepiece combines all the features and functionality of a take-on-the-world modern watch with traditional style and class. Made from a stainless steel casing and unidirectional rotating bezel keeping time to the second, this watch runs with a Swiss Quartz movement for accurate time-telling at all times. It's also water-resistant to 200 meters deep and with its black rubber strap band, it's ready to handle daily workouts, runs, sudden rain and more. This model is available in three styles — white on black, traditional black on white, and a classic military black on olive green look.

Luminox Navy SEAL Chronograph Quartz Men's Watch  – $259; originally $545

In the special missions world, everything can come down to split second precision and timing. Therefore, it's no surprise Luminox also made a chronograph version of the Navy SEAL model, featuring three separate faces along with the main watch face for tracking virtually any time interval. Individual sweeper hands keep track of 12 hour counting, 30 minute counting, and even sub-second counting. It's also supremely stylish balancing its rugged body with its in-character olive-green face for one attractive looking timepiece.

Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Quartz Men's Watch  – $319; originally $690

Luminox teamed up with underwater explorer, filmmaker, documentarian and seasoned operative Scott Cassell to produce a special series of professional-grade diving watches. And yes, this rig is battle tested to survive at up to 300 meters down, which means it's more than ready to handle any water adventures you throw at it. Yet inside, it's all the same Swiss made perfection with multi-jewel Swiss watch movements, and even shock resistance that Luminox customers have come to expect. Whether you're wearing it with a t-shirt and jeans or a business suit, this black-and-white beauty is slick.

Luminox Spartan Race Edition Quartz Men's Watch  – $210; originally $445

This model came from Luminox's partnership with the Spartan Race — and if you know anything about these badass endurance obstacle races that test competitors to their limits, then you've got an idea of what this Spartan Race Edition timepiece can do. Built for untiring grit and peerless durability, this watch matches a Spartan racer's mental and physical toughness, all with the Spartan logo emblazoned right on the watch face. Adorned with the race's traditional red colors, it's a brilliant watch choice for anyone looking to power through training and stay on track.

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