Upgrade your patio for spring and summer with up to 57% off these patio sets

If it hasn't reached you yet, then keep an ear out for your doorbell… because outdoor lounging season is coming for a visit any day now. Of course, the brilliant weather for stretching out, relaxing, and enjoying the majesty of the outdoors from the glory of your own patio isn't enough. You actually have to have the right patio set to stretch out, relax, and enjoy the majesty on. 

If you need help setting that up, Costway has a whole range of outdoor patio set options on sale right now, some with savings of up to 57 percent off their regular price.

Costway 2 Piece Rattan Bar Stool Portable Chairs – $194.99; originally $299

Sometimes, all a backyard needs are a couple of decent chairs to make it a winner. If you're just looking for a few good seats, this bar stool-style pair is worth a look. With a solid steel frame and rattan material crafted together with armrests and even a foot tube, users get a sturdy, yet comfortable perch from which to enjoy the season outside.

Costway 2 Piece Folding Patio Rattan Chaise Lounge Chairs – $289.99; originally $429

Or you can do it in full recline mode with a pair of chaise lounge chairs. Made from lightweight materials with a quick folding design for easy storage and transport, these weather-resistant chairs are perfect for lazing poolside or even oceanside. The modern design uses a scientific curve that allows your legs to drape over just right, making the perfect chair to curl up and even catch a quick nap in your own backyard.

Costway 3 Piece Folding Bistro Table and Chairs Set – $104.99; originally $159

For small, intimate outdoor gatherings, this table and chairs set is just right for a duo to have a drink, enjoy a meal, or just sit back and converse in a calm outdoor setting. The folding coffee table is topped with black tempered glass, while the twin chairs are fashioned with seats and backrests made from textile fibers for a comfortable and attractive place to take a load off and chat.

Costway 4 Piece Patio Rattan Furniture Set Garden Deck – $244.99; originally $569

Of course, the whole family is going to want to take in the backyard time, so these four-piece sets are ready to accommodate the whole crew. These sets feature a pair of deep-cushioned chairs, a sofa loveseat, and a coffee table that can turn your outdoor space into a new fully realized room space that just happens to be outdoors. Shoppers can decide between all all-weather rattan black and white set with removable cloth cushion covers for easy washing. 

Got a little extra space? You may want to consider the 8-Piece Patio Rattan Furniture Set, which doubles the number of loveseats, single chairs, and coffee tables for $479.99.

Costway 4 Piece Patio Rattan Furniture Conversation Set Cushioned Sofa Table Garden Black – $294.99; originally $499

Alternatively, you can get this stylish, weathered charcoal and grey collection with breathable, soft cushions and a simple, modern design that will make your backyard truly pop. 

Costway 5 Piece Patio Rattan Cushioned Conversation Set – $509.99; originally $639

If you've got a little more room in your backyard, these 5-piece sets will let your visitors really stretch out a bit. You can also mix and match your layout with either of these collections, maneuvering your sofas, ottomans, and tables into just the configuration that works for your perfect patio palace.

Costway 5 Piece Patio Rattan Furniture Set Ottoman Table – $509.99; originally $909

With the tan set, users can satellite a pair of ottomans and a coffee table around the centerpiece sofa with thick sponge-padded cushions all around for a very homey feel. Or there's a cream-colored section seating group with 2 corner sofas, 1 armless sofa, and 2 ottoman sofas to suit all of your layout ideas. You can even turn one of the ottomans into a coffee table simply by removing the cushion.

Costway 7 Piece Patio Rattan Furniture Set Sectional Sofa Set – $709.99; originally $1,299

This sectional sofa set is as luxurious as outdoor living gets. With 2 corner sofas, 4 single sofas, as well as a coffee table with a tempered glass top, this collection is a gorgeous contemporary set that lets everyone can sit back, relax and take in the beauty. And all the pillow and cushion covers are zippered and removable for quick and easy washing.

Costway 7 Piece Patio Rattan Dining Set – $729.99; originally $1,299

For those who love serving meals outside, this six-place dining table has all the class of a full dining room out on your patio. Made of high-quality acacia wood, this lightweight and easy-to-clean set is just the dinner party setting any host is looking to create. 

Prices subject to change.