Poke a hole in the shell for a better hard boiled egg?

Oh the suffering. How are we meant to endure such catastrophic toil? Peeling eggs is hard (no it isn't), and when the shell takes some solidified egg white with it, the anguish is palpable (no). Sure, you could steam your egg to congealment or even immerse them in cold water right after a thorough boil, but I tried a new method. I poked a hole into the egg with a push pin, because–the internet told me to.

Admittedly, this is a silly thing to do. I had to find a push pin. I had to sterilize it. I then carefully pushed the point into the wide end of the egg, through the shell, with such controlled force as to not have the damn thing explode in my hand and also not stick myself. There's a flash of cognizance I had as a grown man, stepping out of my body and watching my numbskull self pushing a pin into an egg in my kitchen. He's trying to make it easier to peel an egg, because that's such a labor, and he read a hack for it on the internet.

Egg with tiny pin hole.

Well, it worked. No fluids dribbled out of the tiny hole like I thought might. As instructed I put the egg into an already boiling pot of water which meant I had to lower it in with a spoon because dropping it = cracking it, and fingers = 2nd degree burns. It peeled it like a champ and I was like, "yes. I did it. It was a triumph. Now, back to my needlepoint." Honestly, steaming or post-cold water dunking is easier. Do that. Sticking an egg with a pin is ludicrous.

Moderately easier peeling of egg.