Jumpspeak uses AI to make you a better Spanish speaker on Day 1

High school Spanish class is permanently embroidered into most of our brains. Vocabulary quizzes. Verb conjugation drills. Language lab. It's all tattooed on our souls like it happened yesterday, right?

Estudiantes. Escuchen. Language learning doesn't have to be like that. Instead of being trapped in endless repetitions and dry academic book learning, Jumpspeak wants to take a different approach to teach a foreign language. And that means some cutting-edge tech that students likely never saw coming.

The Jumpspeak Language App doesn't focus on grammar or spelling or all the endless typing that comes from trying to learn anything online. It helps you learn Spanish the old-fashioned way, through actual conversation using an AI-powered language tutor that can truly assess how you're doing as a speaker and craft coursework going forward to help you get better.

The training from Jumpspeak centers around the universal fear of all language learners: looking silly. Rather than that lack of confidence torpedoing your learning process, Jumpspeak offers Spanish training that doesn't make learners feel dumb. And that means speaking from Day 1.

In a studio-produced video that runs less than 5 minutes, a Jumpspeak lesson hones in on fun, relevant, and relatable topics like the ones you'd chat about with family and friends. Stuff like making small talk at a party, ordering at a restaurant, or what to say to get a date.

As you speak to Jumpspeak's super brilliant artificial intelligence, the app uses speech recognition technology for real-time feedback on whether your spoken Spanish is accurate, whether the pronunciation is correct, or whether you're building a bridge to fluency. 

Funded by backers on Kickstarter, Jumpspeak lets you practice your new Spanish skills anytime, and even lets users book personalized help and schedule a real human interaction on-demand session with a qualified Jumpspeak instructor. 

Get the Jumpspeak Language App, a $299 value, now for $200 off. That means you've got access to top-notch Spanish language training for life for just $99.99.

Prices subject to change.