The MyPillow guy gets duped with a prank phone call, thinking it's Donald Trump

MyPillow guy Mike Lindell tried to launch his new-fangled social media platform, Frank, this morning. But in the end, all he got was a Frank, er, prank phone call.

"It's going to be the greatest place, we won't be censored. Everyone is going to be able to get on there," he said. Instead, Lindell launched a "502 error" page, followed by a "500 internal server error" message, which he blamed on a "massive attack." He then made a desperate promise to livestream for 48 hours, or as long as it took to get his new platform in working order, according to Vice, and that's when he got trolled by a caller.

Someone was able to dupe Lindell's screeners into thinking they were Donald Trump. The screeners put the prankster through to Lindell on a speakerphone. "Hello everyone," the fake Trump said.

"Ah, we have the president here," Lindell responded, "Our real president everyone! Hello Mr. President." He then gets an earful of curse-filled gibberish. But instead of laughing it off, he does what Trump would do and opts for the fear-sowing conspiratorial routine: "You see what they're doing? They're attacking us. They're attacking us… They're hacking into our phones…"