Mark Dery interviews Greil Marcus about his hugely influential book "Lipstick Traces"

I was really excited to see this announcement from Boing Boing contributor Mark Dery's on his Facebook page:

MY CONVERSATION WITH GREIL MARCUS ABOUT "LIPSTICK TRACES" (OVER 30 YEARS ON) will be broadcast live next Tuesday April 27 at 12pm Mexico City time on the Facebook and YouTube live channels of Museo del Chopo, as well as the YouTube live channel of Cultura en directo, and the online portal of Canal 22. It's part of "The World Today," an online conversation series.

Both Dery (Escape Velocity, Pyrotechnic Insanitarium, I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts) and Marcus (Lipstick Traces) have had a huge impact on my own thinking. I am looking forward to hearing these two brilliant authors and cultural critics in what should be an exciting match of brain tennis.

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