Score a refurbished HP ProBook x360 laptop for almost 50% off right now

If you're in the market for a laptop, it's tough out there. Between companies producing incredibly similar models with only slight tweaks and variations and shoppers starved for reliable sources of information to make sense of it all, you practically have to be a computer science major to untangle what's what. And when shoppers get confused about tech, they often overpay. 

For 90 percent of laptop buyers, their needs are simple. They want a quality, reliable computer at a reasonable price. And for a vast majority of those buyers, a proven, durable, and consistent performer like this HP ProBook x360 11 G1 EE checks all of those boxes.

For years, ProBooks have been HP's version of the road warrior, a battle-tested business-friendly laptop that balances at the intersections between solid performance, efficient portability, and ample battery life for getting everything done.

This refurbished ProBook model is no exception, sporting a host of features that should meet almost any discerning shopper's criteria. The 11.6-inch LED display serves up impressive visuals, while the Intel dual-core processor and 4GB RAM offer enough horsepower to satisfy almost any laptop computing project.

While its laptop credentials are formidable, the ProBook goes a step further as a true convertible, able to rotate its screen up to 360 degrees and turn into an equally powerful on-the-go tablet. Or just prop it up in its tent mode to conduct PowerPoint presentations or just to watch movies, TV, or your favorite videos hands-free.

This unit comes from the top-rated Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher in the U.S. and has been rigorously tested and checked to perform just like a brand new model right out of the box. Fully restored to factory specs, each computer goes through a thorough quality control checklist, with any failing parts replaced and all ports and connectors in tip-top shape to guarantee quality performance from Day 1.

And because it's a refurbished model, shoppers also get this HP ProBook x360 11 G1 EE at an absolutely cut-rate price, just $197.99, a savings of almost half off the regular price.

Prices subject to change.