This tiny little backup battery packs enough punch to jump a car back to life

An extra power bank or charging hub that keeps your smartphone or tablet powered up in a pinch is always a great idea. But those batteries will only handle the needs of your small electronics. They aren't really built for those heavy-duty power tasks that you might encounter. You know…like when your car battery is dead before heading to work. The JunoJumper Pro Elite External Battery is what your phone charging battery wants to be when it grows up, and it's on sale now for $159.99.

It might not offer an area substation-level power blast, but it'll come pretty darn close, sporting an impressive 15,000 mAh battery pack capable of serving up some big charges to handle heavy-duty jobs. In fact, the device produces a 12 Volt output at a peak of 1500 amps, which is enough to jumpstart a car, truck, boat or motorcycle back to life in a matter of seconds.

And unlike those bulky jumpstarter packages with burly jumper cables that can weigh upwards of 25 lbs., the slim, svelte JunoJumper is the kind of device that can slip under a car seat, weighing just under 1.5 lbs.

Even if you're not exactly a car maintenance guru, the built-in smart cables of the JunoJumper have your back, letting the user know if the cables are connected to the wrong terminals and stopping the electricity flow before anyone or their vehicle gets hurt.

While those car reviving skills can definitely come in handy, the JunoJumper is nothing if not versatile. With a 5-volt USB output, it's equally adept at handling smaller power-ups as well, feeding charges to power hungry phones, tablets, cameras, and more. So even if your car always stays in perfect running order, the JunoJumper can still earn plenty of uses, while being the ultimate peace of mind just in case of emergency.

Retailing for $199, the JunoJumper Pro Elite External Battery is on sale now at almost $40 off its regular price, down to only $159.99.

Prices subject to change.