Man trying to remove rattlesnake with bbq tongs is predictably bitten

In Corona, California a local man spied a rattlesnake and could not wait for animal control to handle it. In attempting to move the snake with a pair of bbq tongs, he was bitten.


The man spotted the snake Saturday evening near his home in the Sycamore Creek community of Corona and was worried about it coming into contact with children, according to a statement from Riverside County Animal Services.

When he tried to remove the rattler using the tongs, the snake struck and bit him on the hand, Animal Services spokesman John Welsh said. The man, who was not identified, was treated at a hospital and later released.

"He told me that he was feeling remarkably well," Welsh said Tuesday. "He said he definitely felt that he had dodged a bullet."

Rattlesnake bites are painful and in rare cases can be fatal.

Here comes the kicker:

After the man was taken away by ambulance, a crowd gathered as Animal Services Officer Mike McGee removed the snake.

I run from snakes.